Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Can socialites become famous movie stars?

If purely by genetics, a socialite happens to have good genes in the acting department, and has good looks to match, then it is plausible a socialite can become famous for their acting ability alone. It can also happen, by luck and by paying a publicist as well.

If you take a magnifying glass as to what’s really going on in Hollywood these days, this is what you might find

1. Girls (with no wealth) have rich men (sugardaddy’s) paying their rent and other bills so they can audition all day, shop and party all night. Same for men. There are many Gay people in Hollywood and many divorced or extracurricular spouses.
2. Casting Couch is still alive, but there are so many choices. (not as effective)

So what I’m describing is a lifestyle that requires that you have no job, and financially independent, live close enough to the studio’s and casting offices to have an open schedule for all the auditions and acting classes during the day and night. This sounds very much like it could be a socialites day.

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