Thursday, March 1, 2007

Borrowing clothes from the designers and stores.

Worst scenario is to return the clothes you borrowed in the following condition:
1. Soiled in (sweat) - always dry clean before returning
2. Make-up on the clothing - consider purchasing the garment, if you cannot get it out.
3. Returning late - you have been given a privledge that most people don't get in their whole life. Abusing the privledge by returning the garment late, is simply not acceptable.

You cannot keep or establish good trusting relationships without respecting the people you are dealing with. They very much depend on the garment being returned on time and in the same condition in which you received it. Magazine editorials, samples for buyers to look at, are some reasons they need it back asap.

They have lent you on good faith and with a credit card deposit. If they must, they will charge you for the garment. Unless you plan on buying it (if they let you) than never abuse your privileges. News travels very quickly in the garment business.

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