Saturday, March 14, 2009

What happened to 10021 NY Socialites?

Dear Readers,

In February of 2009, my main site Rob Tencer Public Relations, was hacked and erased. Along with that site was 2 other important websites that had been running for the past several years continuously.

I have been trying to rebuild those sites because the host had no backup of my pages lost. The loss must have lit a match under my ass, because I have not only redesigned the sites lost, but I have made about 40 more blogs since February of 2009. One of the companies I make money advertising on my sites with is Neverblue

Ads similar to this one for car insurance only require an email to convert.

Most of the sites I built are niches of what I used to write about on 10021 NY Socialites. For instance, I created a blog about my sober companion work for rich kids, where I blamed the parents for the families self destruction.

While I still write articles for 10021 NY Socialites, I have been diluted because of the massive empire I have built in cyberspace. Maybe my lack of articles can also be attributed to my philanthropic endeavors to help save America from terrorism, and the extreme amount of time and efforts I place on accomplishing this task. While I don't throw money at my causes, I do throw myself into them.

Since the end of 2007, I have been working as a United States federal officer with the department of homeland security. I have been doing my part on making transportation in the USA, safe.

Now you know what happened to 10021 NY Socialites.

Dr. Rob Tencer BSc,DC

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