Friday, March 20, 2009

while the parent trap made lindsay lohan famous it did nothing for natasha richardson

while the world was given lindsay lohan in her first appearance in disney's parent trap, performances by Lisa Ann Walter as chessy and Natasha Richardson as lindsay lohan's mother were stellar as well.

I personally loved lisa ann walter's performance the most, while everyone fell in love with little lindasy lohan, I fell for lisa ann walter.

Natasha Richardson on the other hand was kind of forgotten as being part of this movie in regards to where lindsay lohan has gone on to. While Lisa Ann Walter will always be known as chessy, that was until she changed her look through weight loss and other hard work to change her appearance.

Why didn't disney's parent trap do for Natasha Richardson what it did for Lindsay Lohan? Why didn't it help break out her name? She was so wonderful an actress, and still young.

perhaps the strong disgust for the redgrave families constant attacks on judaism and israel's right to protect themselves carried over to the dislike for vanessa redgraves daughter natasha richardson. why didn't natasha richardson speak out against her mother and distance herself the way she did in support of aids awareness? Perhaps her silence is why she never became as famous as lindsay lohan.

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