Monday, February 16, 2009

socialites loved her because she is better than vanessa hudgens but she got no breaks

This is a story about a real life client of Rob Tencer Public Relations named Amber Kendrella.

Amber Kendrella is a socialites dream come true, because when an unknown socialite or non interesting wall flower socialite is seen arriving with and seen at an event with Amber Kendrella, she would draw all the attention in the room to her and who she was with. You instantly got attention, became important, and you became more liked, Lastly, you finally got the all important invites to the better events and parties.

How do you describe Amber Kendrella?

When you wake up in the morning and you look beautiful just getting out of bed, you know you have it. When you are the center of attention by the energy you put out and the way you look, you know you have it. When designers want to dress you in their clothes and hair stylists want to give you their best cuts and styles to make them look good, you know you have it. When you have that kind of look, the photographers start clicking before they even know her name.

I am describing the beautiful and talented Amber Kendrella, who decided to go with Rob Tencer public relations to help build her career. The only problem was, she had no career.

I took a different direction with Amber that dealt with getting her out, and trying to place her in the right place at the right time to start the ball rolling. After Amber signed on, is when I went to work trying to put her on the map. She had a modeling card that had a retro look to them, that made her look like a femme fatale, to maryln monroe, dominatrix, pin up model.

Amber Kendrella the dominatrix

Amber Kendrella pin-up model of yesterday

She had a look that women die for. I thought so highly of her, I sent her to auditions with my connections like Kelly Cutrone for modeling in fashion shows. While they allowed her to audition, they told me the reason she was not chosen. They started off by saying she needed to lose about 10 pounds then they said she cannot walk a runway. My supermodel in the making was to green.

Are they NUTS? Telling Amber she needs to lose weight?

Amber Kendrella meets Kelly Cutrone:

During the week leading up to the academy awards, many a-list parties are thrown. While at a party thrown by flaunt magazine and arranged by peoples revolution, I went ahead and introduced Amber to the boss of the fashion PR agency peoples revolution, Kelly Cutrone, who loved her look. I recommended her for the Lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, that Kelly represented.

It should have all changed there, but next came some type of mental break down for Amber. Amber moved back home, and went silent for months. when she returned, she was in some man's suite at a boutique hotel in west hollywood. I tried again, this time I pulled lingerie and tried a small photo shoot in the suite, before the guy came back. The photo's were not very good, and the designer already had all their photos for their catalogs.

I next heard that Amber got married and was pregnant, then I heard she was no longer with her husband and moved back in with her family. Recently I saw a few video's of Amber and she looks as stunning as ever. She draws joy into her life every day from her little son. I wish Amber returned to LA, and that I could do something else for her.

I love you Amber

Rob Tencer 10021

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We miss you Crusty.

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