Saturday, February 14, 2009

My close friend Kelly Cutrone has her own show on Bravo and I love her

What is the connection between the hills, kelly cutrone and rob tencer?

Kelly Cutrone gave rob tencer his first break into fashion styling by giving him the approval to pull clothes from peoples revolution in los angeles.

Within the first week, rob tencer returned the favor by bringing 6 different magazines and several newspapers including the new york post, new york daily news and the entertainment trade magazine the hollywood reporter to kelly cutrones los angeles office with the
clothes she loaned on the pages of print media.

Each time kelly cutrone allowed rob tencer to pull clothes, he returned the favor by bringing all the newspapers and magazines his work appeared in.

Rob tencer's specialty is pulling clothes in kelly cutrone's showroom that no other stylist wanted and to get it in print.

This went on for months and kelly and rob tencer became pretty good friends. Kelly always tried to get me a seat at any fashion show she was producing and rob tencer was very grateful.

There was so many magazines and so many people rob tencer had to buy magazines for (shoes, dress, hair, hand bag, makeup, top, bottom, jewelry), as a thank you, that the cost of all the magazines eclipsed the profit as a fashion stylist. It was a thank you courtesy that rob
tencer would not stop doing.

Just when the hills started its first season, rob tencer stopped going to clubs, and stopped his fashion work. Rob tencer then moved to Mississippi and Memphis to help out with hurricane Katrina. Rob tencer returned to los angeles in 2008 and has been working on several secret

Rob tencer is willing to show proof for everything that was just written.

Thank You Kelly Cutrone, and good luck on the Bravo show. I love you!

Rob Tencer Public Relations

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