Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why is the culture of eastern european super models like ruslana korshunova to drink vodka?

eastern european women love vodka
former soviet union
eastern block
ruslana korshunova loved to drink vodka

In the eastern european countries formerly known as the soviet union or eastern bloc, people like to drink vodka. Just as in mexico and other latin countries, where people like their food spicy and extra hot. does this mean there is no hope for russian men and women to not turn into alcoholics? no, I am simply saying that it is in their genetics.

But why is eastern european's favorite drink, vodka?
Could be the ease of purchasing by convenience or the low price. While I was in school, I seemed to remember being told that the government always made cheap vodka as available or even more so than bread and milk.

  • vodka drinking is and nearly always has been part of the nation’s tradition for both men and women, said Victoria B. Tochieva, director of the Vodka Museum in Moscow.

eastern european recently murdered super model ruslana korshunova

There is a new report on the murdered super model ruslana korshunova, that while she was not yet of legal drinking age, that she loved drinking vodka. "Today Ruslana Korshunova would have turned 21 and would have been able to drink. All though as abcnews interview´s claim the “Russian Rapuznel” was already in a heavy vodka drinking relationship.


Ninad said...

It might be due to weather conditions and harsh life there ..

Anonymous said...

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