Sunday, July 6, 2008

how much money does it cost for a beautiful eastern european supermodel like ruslana korshunova

eastern european super models like the murdered ruslana korshunova

Before people forget about eliott spitzer and ashley dupre and the madame that revealed some of her political clients names before she was ultimately murdered, and made to look like a suicide, we must remember the bella modeling agency.

eastern european super models like the murdered ruslana korshunova

With direct links to the russian mafia and an unlimited supply of super hot, super young eastern european super models like the murdered ruslana korshunova.

With the amount of money that socialites in the upper east side (10021 UES) have, just about any girl is available. Although its not important if you live in the upper east side, or even if you live in NY, for as long as you have the money, they will come to you.

Here is how bella modeling agency used to advertise their business.It would be foolish to think just because bella was shut down, that no other agency is doing the same thing. make no mistake, this is big business, and others are filling the requests for supermodels from eastern european countries and your favorite tv shows.

While the pricing varies between our models, the minimum fee for an introduction to one of our models is $1,500. There are no geographical limitations, we will fly the model of your choice to you anywhere in the world! Travel rates start at $8,000 per day!

If you enjoy the mystic and exhilarating anticipation of a wonderful surprise, perhaps you would be interested in one of our Platinum Club introductions. Our Platinum Club features a wide selection of Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets and other truly first class ladies from the exciting worlds of fashion, television and film! They are universally recognizable by all, for this is the ultimate Bella Models experience. This unique offering is only available for our Platinum Club members. The rates range from $8,000 to more than $50,000 for an evening of undiluted pleasure, where your ultimate dream becomes the ultimate reality!

We offer the ultimate in service for all Bella Models clients. We will handle all of your necessary travel arrangements, dinner reservations, hotel accommodations, and ticketing to theater, concert and sporting events. Our professional staff will ensure that every element is gracefully appointed to the last detail with luxury and convenience in mind.

Bella Models has exciting and unique travel offers for our clients as well. Arrangements can be made for those who would like one of our models to accompany them on a fabulous trip for pleasure or business. The expansive world is open for all those who desire it, be it the rolling hills of Tuscany, the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, isolated Tahiti, the fantastic islands of the Caribbean, or anywhere suitable for a couple looking for fun and romance. A journey of excitement and wonder is a moment away with the assistance of Bella Models to fulfill any specifications desired for your romantic escape.

Custom introductions can be tailored to suit anyone's needs so the grandeur of getting away can be as specific as necessary. All particulars will be fulfilled by Bella Models, allowing our clients to focus on having a good time with the model of their choice. Let us make your dreams come true with hassle-free travel packages and an array of vacation destinations from around the world!

If most people knew you as a super model, with your picture on the cover of vogue and modeling contracts with major fashion houses, but you were really a high priced call girl or whore that was owned by the russian mafia that discovered you, and would not let you out of your contract alive, a girl might tend to get depressed or even turn to drinking. This is not the type of client I can do anything for, because they are prisoners held against their will.

If you have a drinking or alcoholic problem, and its not prisoner related I may be able to help you.

come to my website or read my many posts about being your sober companion on this blog.

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