Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lesbian Misdirection repairs lindsay lohans image and career

A quick lesson in damage control, and controlling your image.
Written by Rob Tencer

Damage control and image consultant public relations: now that lindsay lohan is gay, you don't hate lindsay lohan anymore, do you?

Now that lindsay lohan has gone public that she is a lesbian, she has wiped her slate slate clean of all her other bad behaviors of public intoxication, driving under the influence of narcotics and alcohol, and all her bad days of addictions to drugs and alcohol, and all her box office bombs, that made it extremely hard to get another job acting.

wiipedia defines misdirection as a form of decption in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another.

The ruse or con or deception was pure genius in its ability to misdirect everything bad that people know about lindsay lohan and replace it with her lesbian relationship with samantha ronson. This misdirection was designed to grab public support from the powerful gay and lesbian entertainment community and help the public forget anything negative about lindsay lohan.

Is this con working?
front page cover stories of magazines covering the lindsay lohan lesbian relationship with samantha ronson and much space in newspapers has been devoted to this story. Everyone from Page six to the LA Times has covered this story. This is proof of success and popularity.
lindsay lohans career has been resurrected via this image makeover.

The secret is to party in total privacy.
Its a very good thing that some mage consultant who specializes in damage control (like rob tencer public relations) taught lindsay lohan the art of keeping total privacy. For the misdirection to work, lindsay would not have to stop her addictions to alcohol and pharmaceutical prescription drugs, but only use them in private.
Some other great advice for lindsay lohan would be to only use them at home or in a private residence and if she goes out to always hire a driver, ride a limo or take a taxi instead of driving herself. So far, this is all working according to plan.

What's next? Adoption?
The only thing left now for the happy couple of Lindsay lohan and Samantha Ronson to do is to adopt. This would help to continue to distort the facts and to misdirect what we already know about lindsay lohan. Why Adopt? This would further soften her image and make people love her, while gaining instant news and press fodder. the purpose would be to make lindsay lohan more likeable.

What about samantha ronson?
while we know the profound positive effects that this image makeover has had on lindsay lohan, we don't know how this is going to help samantha ronson and her career. Could this be a selfless deed born out of love for lindsay lohan? Is samantha ronson finding herself getting better bookings as a club DJ and is she making more money from the spotlight?

Does the GAY misdirection help careers?
look no further than the master of misdirection, the late doug henning. Doug was always viewed as a hippee with a smile, but if you looked deeper you would always see doug with a rainbow and appearing as gay as possible. Doug henning was a great magician and master of misdirection. truth be told, doug was happily married to a woman named debbie. If you would have asked anyone, they would have told you with full certainty that dug henning was gay.

A quick lesson in damage control: lindsay lohan is gay, samtha ronson and rob tencer
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Mina Jade said...

This is stupid. Why would we hate Lindsay Lohan in the first place - I like her for being who she is. The ones whom I hate are the fake holy virgins. I like wild girls like Lindsay or Gaga.

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