Monday, December 13, 2010

miley cyrus as a role model and a bong

miley cyrus was a child star on disney, and had a hit TV show called hanna montana. watched by millions of children from around the world. Whatever miley cyrus did, her fans wanted to do. Whatever miley cyrus wore, her fans wanted to wear. Whatever miley cyrus ate, her fans ate. Now that miley cyrus is seen in video's all over the internet smoking a bong, getting high, and tripping out while laughing, smiling and appearing to have a good time, all the little girls and teens that considered miley cyrus a role model, all want to smoke a bong and get high like miley cyrus.

The problem is that parents trusted disney and their wholesome and innocent image, but now the trust is destroyed. The wholesome values that disney portrays, put to much trust in their brand-able celebrities like miley cyrus, and when the bong video could not be covered up and made to go away, the effect is DAMAGE.

As a parent, the damage is the fear that my children will now want to do what miley cyrus did. Children cannot differentiate between hanna montana the character and miley cyrus the drug user. If she appears happy, smiling and having a good time, than all the children will want to follow suit.

regardless of the herb of choice for miley cyrus being legal, illegal, medical or for medicinal purposes, this glamorizes drug use to a very young audience, and this is frightening.

If you are a parent or if you are a teen or tween, you must understand that what miley cyrus did was careless, reckless and wrong. miley cyrus and disney tricked you into thinking miley cyrus was safe to watch, safe to want to be like her, when the reality is that hollywood destroyed her. While you cannot be watched at all times, and your parents cannot be with you at all times, it is up to you to make the right decisions in life.miley cyrus made the wrong decisions in life, but it hurt our children more than her.

miley cyrus, could have easily been raped, abused or killed after getting high of her own doing. miley cyrus could have over dosed or reacted in a way that could have killed her. If miley was on a roof top, she might have jumped, or lost her balance. People that miley cyrus considered to be close friends, video taped her, made her look foolish and exposed her to try to blackmail her after the fact, to make the incident go away.

You should not only look at the damage to your life, the risk you take, but the company of friends in which you keep. If you saw the video of miley cyrus, than you should learn the dangers of doing drugs. The danger that you cannot trust the people around you, and you cannot know how the drug will affect you.

Stay away from drugs and stay away from miley cyrus. miley cyrus cannot be trusted to look out for you, and above all do not say I want to be like miley cyrus, because she is not a good role model. The trust is shattered.

Rob Tencer

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Samantha Marsden said...

I must agree with you on this matter; however, I feel that there is a similar trend among many of the celebrities whose careers began with Disney. This is only my opinion and not meant to be taken as an absolute for everybody, because of course there are differing opinions on parenting and what is appropriate in their childrens' lives. But to see where the lives of a significant amount of Disney childhood stars have gone (Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan come to mind first), one may need to be prepared to take a more active role in observing the type of people our children's television/music role models are evolving to, and help them find more appropriate people to learn from.

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