Monday, December 27, 2010

Boardwalk Empire: Cowards who don't believe movies can influence.

Why do you think advertisers put their products in movies? (product placement) Because an actor who uses the product in a tv show or movie can influence the public to use the product, or think a certain way.

Think happy meals, cigarettes in movies, liquor, and cereals loaded with sugar. Hatred and racism also has an affect, and this is very real. There is no imaginary influence on people. Its on purpose , well thought out, and targeted to its audience.

To the coward who wrote anonymously in reply to my post on antisemitism and about a jew that refused to allow jesus into his life. Was that a reason to kill him?

Historically, this is an issue that refuses to go away, and many jews have died in real life because of it.

The words I chose, spoke of anti-semitism in boardwalk empire and a problem in the real world, but you only saw this as a drama, written fictionally, in contrast, I live through hatred on a daily basis, tied only to my religion. I wear a yarmulke (head covering) and identify myself as a jew. Just as a person is a different color and hated because its not the same as thiers.

You must not be a jew, and must not be black, because you have no apparent experiences of racism or antisemitism. My Hypersensitivity as a jew, is based on realities in my life, and the need to express that showing hatred, only because of different religious views, cannot be tolerated in film or TV.

You are a coward to not give your name, and identify your race and religion, so we can see the reason for your biased point of view of the arts that cross the line and perpetuate an ugly hatred.

You asked to be heard and that your views be seen, and they will be heard, because your stupidity and tilted mind set and defending of racist antisemites must be shown to the world, that your ignorance is typical of what still exists while survivors of the holocaust die, and people forget.

Even jews forget about who they are, and what it means to be jewish. This is not the case for me, because I am jewish and I will never forget that being jewish means people will always hate me. Like your hatred for me. You cannot simply discredit the truth, to support your views, and maintain neutrality. That is my defintion of ignorance and blind hatred.

Let it go, and I will still have reason to not trust you. History speaks the truth, and jews have not changed their love of the torah, their love of god and their love of all jews. I have no hatred for people, and only defend ourselves when they threaten our lives.

Thank god I live in America, free to practice my jewish religion, and not afraid to let people know I am a jew.

Rob Tencer

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Boardwalk empire antisemitic undertones similar to...":

I have to post a comment about the article here. The author has written something that is alarmist and biased to such an extent that it begs for a rebuttal.

It is true that the Jewish character in question is murdered by a Gentile. Why? Quite obviously, if you actually watch the episode, this is because the Jewish character has done the following:

1. Murdered an extremely important criminal turned informant/witness in cold blood.

2. Taken money for this murder from the corrupt politician who is the Gentile's enemy.

3. In the process of murdering the witness has caused irreparable damage to the Gentile's (his boss's) thus-far successful career.

In addition the Gentile is under extreme stress at home in his marriage.

One character HAPPENS to be Jewish, the other HAPPENS to be Gentile. Jews are shown in both a negative and positive light throughout the first season. As are Gentiles, as are African Americans, as are Italian Americans, as are Irish Americans.

The portrayal of a Jewish character in fictional media as anything more than a saint, a martyr, and/or a victim is itself the expression of some courage, the writers should be applauded for DARING to realistically portray a Jew as human and fallible, dare we even say evil?

It is VERY far from anti-Semitism to show one character murdering another when the one being murdered has lied, killed for hire, and caused the murderer to take the fall for it, is it?

Really writer, your hypersensitivity is a textbook example of crying wolf on something which does not merit it in the least just because you DO NOT LIKE what the show has to say, i.e. Jews can be bad too (bad in a realistic way, not as some larger than life Rothstein legend who we all know is not an everyday sort of character).

A quote for you by a Jew about this topic -

"Fighting anti-Semitism seems to be for some Jews more important than any other expression of Jewishness ... The danger appears when one becomes dependent upon them for one's identity, so that one begins to need anti-Semitism."
Stanislaw Krajewski

And by the way I will bet you a large sum that you do not have the belief in free speech and democratic debate to EVER post my comment. Surprise me...

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