Thursday, November 5, 2009

Madie Ivy Head collegiate school for boys

madie ivy head 10024
Madie Ivy Head
John Head & Partners
John Head III

* President at Ivy Trust Company LTA
* Owner at Head & Company LLC

collegiate school for boys???


* Stephen F. Austin State University
* University of North Texas

Why did nadie ivy head become a MIT Alumni volunteer?
John C Head III Dean
MIT Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

N.Y. Investment Bank Targets London Market New York investment bank John Head & Partners is increasing its involvement in the London insurance market through the purchase of Anglo American Insurance from CalFed Inc., the Los Angeles financial services group, for $102 million. The transaction comes two years since John Head III, formerly a managing director at Morgan Stanley looking after insurance matters, put together the $61 million leveraged buyout of Sphere Drake Insurance from Alexander & Alexander Services.

Mr. Head has a continuing 13.4 percent equity interest in Sphere Drake Insurance, where he is a member of the holding company's main board of directors. Anglo American Insurance was formed in April 1987 with initial capital of $78.5 million by...

Executive Detail
Name John C. Head III
Position Chairman of the Board
Age 53
Start Year 1997
Salary & Bonuses(not including Stock Options) $491,767
Exercised Stock Options Count 161,264
Exercised Stock Options Value $78,796
Vested Stock Options Count 728,010
Vested Stock Options Value $596,622
Nonvested Stock Options Count 187,500
Nonvested Stock Options Value $558,338
Company ESG Re Limited
Stock Symbol ESREF

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