Monday, May 25, 2009

lady gaga thinks american socialites are gay like andy warhol

Do New York Socialites burn through money?

How does the world view American Socialites? Are we supposed to believe that American socialites money is dirty? Are we supposed to believe that American socialites have parties in their apartments where they dance on tables with stacks of money?
If you watch the grotesque video BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH by Lady Gaga, that is so inaccurately disturbing, that her recording label disabled the video from being embedded on our blog at 10021 NY Socialites. You can however watch the video by clicking here

Lady gaga burns through money literally, as she sets $100 US bills alight. (For American audiences, it means she set the money on fire, in her video BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH.)

In Lady Gaga's interpretation of American socialites:

1. socialites care about fashion

2. socialites have many gay dancers frolicking around their home

3. socialites live in an atmosphere inspired by Andy Warhol's factory, and have parties where the socialites get together to burn their money.

This could be the director's point of view, but it was approved by Lady Gaga, so we place the ultimate blame on her.

Do you remember Daryl Hanna as Pris the pleasure replicant from Blade Runner?

The models makeup in the video BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH seems like something out of the movie Blade Runner, and Daryl Hanna's crazy faced Replicant named Pris.

Edie Sedgwick in her Leotard

The Lady Gaga models, also appear to be wearing Edie Sedgwick inspired leotards, but miss the true style of Edie by forgetting the shirt over the leotard.

Since all the girls in the video, including Lady Gaga can't dance, they strike poses, rip off dance steps from Michael Jackson thriller video's, and vogue posing rip offs of a Madonna video.

Lady Gaga, also manages to steal photographic stylings of the world famous cobra snake and his young muse.
While a socialite on prescription drugs and alcohol, do crazy things at parties, especially when in private, they don't do these idiotic things portrayed in the Lady Gaga video.

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