Thursday, May 7, 2009

10021 ny socialites now has a sister blog

Hello Socialite visitors to 10021 NY SOCIALITES. While I was working on a stunning and easy to use piece of software, I decided to make another version of 10021 NY SOCIALITES.

If you want me to create a website for you, or if you want a writer aka blogger to produce content for your site, get in touch with me, or if you want to buy the word press software that I use to set up sites within minutes, the choice is yours.

You know that I am multi-talented, if you have been reading any one of my 50-100 blogs I write for, and that I am a socialite publicist and a sober companion and a doctor to add to my list of talents. Wouldn't it be great to have someone so talented as Rob Tencer on retainer?

In the world of the internet, servers and hosts sometimes crash leaving only google and blogger as the backup. For that reason, I will be keeping this blog 10021 NY Socialites up as my backup.

Rob Tencer

1. 10021 NY SOCIALITES new wordpress version

2. software used to create the new 10021 NY SOCIALITES version

3. get in touch with writer/blogger Rob Tencer

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Anonymous said...

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