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Gossip Girl - real schools of the upper east side - collegiate school

Gossip Girl - what are the real schools that kids in the upper east side (UES) attend?
Gossip Girl - UES
gossip girls - ues schools - collegiate

gossip girl could be a hollywood writers idea of what goes on in the (UES), or gossip girl could really be consulting with former and current students to the life of private schools of very rich kids. You decide?

Do your parents have the social status and the money to get you into

one of these upper east side schools? How long have you been waiting

to get on the waiting list?

What does it take to stay in school, when you already have enough

money for the rest of your life? Motivations, maybe dating?

Friendships with power families? Sex, drugs, drinking parties?

Collegiate School

260 West 78 Street
New York, NY 10024 

Collegiate School strives to educate each boy to reach his highest level of intellectual, ethical, artistic, and physical development. Drawing on what is known about boys' growth and learning, the school offers a rigorous K-12 program rich in opportunities for cultivating individual talents and interests in a climate of collaboration and respect. Collegiate continues its historic tradition in New York City of educating a diverse and talented student body and of helping boys to become independent adults and responsible citizens who will lead and serve.


K-12 (all boys)

Dr. Lee Levison

Total number of students: 634
Lower School: 220
Middle School: 199
Upper School: 215

Total number of faculty (full and part time): 113
Doctoral degrees: 19
Master's degrees: 76

Grades K-12: $29,100

Financial Aid
$3 million

$74.5 million

George R. Bason, Jr. ’72
Vice Presidents
Edgar Bronfman, Jr. ’73
Michael A. Newhouse ’78
Esther Yip
Josephine Linden
James T. Janover ’82

Bruce Breimer ’63
Mary Ann Casati
Beth Chapin
Christina R. Connelly
Michael Danziger ’81
Marcelle Doll
Marilyn J. Flood
William E. Ford
Madie Ivy Head
John L. Hornor III ’47
James Thomas Liddle, Jr.
Adam E. Max ’76
Charles Dennison Morris
Michael Overington
Lowell S. Pettit ’91
W. Dwight Raiford
John D. Solomon ’81
Alice Tisch

Life Member
George E. Doty ’34

Tuition Information:

While there is an expectation of some tuition payment from all families, no family should assume that a Collegiate School education is out of reach for financial reasons. Collegiate School has a financial aid program to assist the families of students who are unable to meet all tuition costs.

Tuition 2008-2009

Kindergarten - Grade 12    $31,250

Collegiate School bundles its fees into one, all-inclusive tuition charge. With the exception of athletic clothing and Advanced Placement examinations, all books, supplies, and class overnight trips are included in this single billing. Also included are lunch, musical instrument rental, student accident insurance, and tuition refund insurance for early withdrawal or dismissal.

Tuition is payable in three installments: 15 % upon registration, 60 % on July 31, and 25 % on December 31. An eight-month payment plan is available through the TuitionPay Plan.

Lower School

Special Lower School activities include the buddy program, which pairs older and younger students together for reading and art, and The Lower School News, a collaborative, inclusive publishing project. The boys also attend weekly assemblies.

Middle School
Middle School boys participate in student government, student publications, the chess club, the film club, sports, and a reading project with Lower School students. In addition, the Middle School organizes Special Days during which regular classes are suspended and a theme is celebrated. Recent Special Days have focused on the 1960s, family history and immigration, and baseball.

Upper School
There are myriad opportunities for Upper School students to learn about the world and themselves outside of the classroom. These activities include performing in concerts, producing plays, playing sports, writing for publications, competing on the Debate Team, and participating in the Model United Nations Club. Many students also support student government, the Student Interaction Committee, Peer Leadership, Peer Tutoring, the Community Service Board, and JAMAA, a support organization for students of color.

Upper School students have also participated in The Mountain School, Maine Coast Semester, and the School Year Abroad, as well as exchange programs with schools in Argentina, China, England, France, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

Chess, martial arts, drama, rollerblading, tennis, computers, photography, science, cooking, golf….The Flying Dutchmen, Collegiate’s exciting and educational after school program, has it all! Open to students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, the program runs on a semester basis. Classes are held at Collegiate and at several off-campus locations, including the Stadium Raquet Club, the Uptown Athletic Club, Take Me to the Water, and Chelsea Piers.

For more information about the Flying Dutchmen, contact the program's director, Anne Heitner, at 212-812-8672.

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Welcome to New York's Upper East side where the wealthy and connected mingle at benefits and try to deal with their always dramatic love lives, not to mention picking colleges. Blair Waldorf is the so-called toast of adolescence in her world; she and her friends, Kati Farkas and Isabel Coates, go to a prep school and fancy parties with their rich parents. Blair is envied by her adversaries because she is thought to have the perfect life, not just because of her gorgeous boyfriend, Nate Archibald, but because she's also planning on getting into her dream college,Yale. With everyone worried about college(or procrastinating on worrying, which everyone seems to be doing), and senior year dragging along, her seemingly perfect life is interrupted by her ex-best friend, the beautiful Serena van der Woodsen, coming back into town after getting kicked out of boarding school. Serena comes back into her life, and into the eyes of Blair's boy friend. When everything Blair knows starts to fall apart, everyone will realize that her life is far from perfect. Will life in the the Upper East Side redeem itself of what it's really supposed to be? Or will the false facade reveal that the rich have the same problems as the not so rich (Jenny and Dan Humphrey), if not more. And just maybe Jenny and Dan are all the more happy with their simple, not so expectant lives.

Written by: Jessica Cymerman

there are certain private schools that are in a network called the "ivy prepratory school league". it consists of just a few schools and its only in the New York area.

It might not be widely know elsewhere in the country, but it certainly does exist, and is well known in the city. It costs $31,000 a year for high school

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