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Gossip Girl - real schools of the upper east side - spence school

spence girls only school
spence girls only school
spence girls only school
spence girls only school
spence girls only school
spence girls only school

Gossip Girl - what are the real schools that kids in the upper east side (UES) attend?
gossip girl - spence girls only school

gossip girl could be a Hollywood writers idea of what goes on in the (UES), or gossip girl could really be consulting with former and current students to the life of private schools of very rich kids. You decide?

Do your parents have the social status and the money to get you into

one of these upper east side schools? How long have you been waiting

to get on the waiting list?

What does it take to stay in school, when you already have enough

money for the rest of your life? Motivations, maybe dating?

Friendships with power families? Sex, drugs, drinking parties?

Spence School

22 East 91 Street
New York, NY 10128

The Spence School is an independent college-preparatory day school for girls in kindergarten through grade 12. Founded by Clara B. Spence in 1892, Spence is committed to maintaining high academic standards, promoting diversity and teaching the basic human values of honesty and concern for others. With approximately 600 students, Spence is a small supportive community where the contributions of every student are valued. Each student is challenged to reach her full potential in an atmosphere that fosters self-confidence and a spirit of cooperation.


Which grades have open spots? How do I get information?

In a typical year, Spence admits students into Kindergarten and Grades 6 and 9. If you are interested in one of these grades, please call our office so that we may get your contact information, schedule a tour and interview, and send you an application. Alternatively, you may wish to inquire and apply online from our Web site. To schedule all appointments at Spence, please call our office. It is possible there will be openings in various grades throughout the Lower, Middle and Upper schools. For further information, please call the Admissions office at 212-710-8140.

What is the average class size?

The average class size in the Lower School is about 16-18 students. Classes for reading and math are significantly smaller, averaging eight to twelve. In the Middle and Upper Schools classes average 13-14 students.

How old should my daughter be to apply for Kindergarten?

Students applying for Kindergarten must be five years old by August 31, 2009.

Are first choice letters and/or personal letters of recommendation required?

No. We do not encourage first choice letters and ask that you refrain from having personal letters of recommendation mailed to us. The application process is about learning all we can aboutour applicants based solely on the information that is requested and required in the application.

What is your sibling and legacy policy?

Sibling and alumnae families applying to Kindergarten have the option of an earlier notification date. Aside from that, we do not have a specific "policy" for our sibling and alumnae families nor do we reserve a specific number of spots for those families in any grade. All applicants to the school go through the same process and are evaluated with equal consideration.

What percentage of our student body receives financial aid?

Twenty percent of the student body receives receives financial assistance.

Will applying for financial assistance influence an admissions decision?

While the Admissions Office designates financial aid for current families as well as thoseapplying to the school, admissions decisions are separate from financial assistance, and while we do work within a budget, we are often able to offer generous aid packages to most qualifying parents. Financial assistance at Spence is entirely need-based.

Is public transportation available for the younger students?

The Atlantic Express is a free bus service, for students in Kindergarten through Grade 6, offered by the City of New York Board of Education and coordinated through the Spence Parents Association. It is available only in Manhattan to families who live within a five-mile radius of the school. Buses pick up and drop off at designated stops.

Is there an after-school program and does it accommodate the schedules of working parents?

Spence's after-school program, Second Act, holds classes five days a week until 5:00 p.m. and offers supervised care until 6:00 p.m. The program offers a broad choice of classes focused on interactive learning and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere.

Does everyone live on the Upper East Side?

No. Spence is a warm and welcoming school, and although the majority of families live in Manhattan, the school enrolls students from all over New York City. This year the school includes students from Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx as well as nearby suburbs in New York, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey. The current kindergarten class is comprised of students from 27 different nursery schools. Students of color in grades K-12 make up approximately 27 percent of the student body.

How do we arrange play dates if we don't live near the school?

Many families participate in the Spence after-school program, Second Act, which provides an excellent opportunity to visit and socialize with classmates and friends. The program runs until 6:00 p.m. and offers a wide range of classes in a relaxed atmosphere.

How can working parents with a modest joint income afford Spence?

The financial aid program offers scholarships to students from all backgrounds, ranging from partial grants for middle income families to more substantial grants for families with greater needs. Grants are made solely on the basis of need and every application receives individual consideration.

When is a foreign language introduced?

Students have a choice of French, Spanish or Mandarin beginning in Grade 3. Latin is offered in Grade 7 as a first or second language.

Do students have an opportunity to study abroad in the Upper School?

Yes. Programs to study abroad are available for Upper School students beginning in Grade 10. In addition, there are two programs for domestic study, one in Maine and one in Vermont. More information is here.

What colleges and universities do Spence graduates attend?

Colleges most often selected by Spence students in the last five years are Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, NYU and the University of Pennsylvania. Here is a complete five-year list.

College Counseling Office offers a comprehensive program during the junior and senior years that is designed to walk students through every aspect of the college application process. The Director of College Counseling is a full-time faculty member who meets individually with all juniors and seniors and their parents, in addition to holding weekly junior and senior seminars.

During the junior year, students identify their own interests and talents, as well as begin their search for colleges that are a good fit. During the senior year, weekly seminars as well as multiple individual meetings guide students through such activities as: writing essays, filling out applications, interviewing, and applying for scholarships and financial aid. In addition, seniors have the opportunity to meet with over 60 college representatives who visit our campus each fall.

From 2002 to 2006, 216 Spence graduates enrolled in 65 different colleges.

Cornell University (14)

Harvard University (12)

New York University (11)

Princeton University (11)

Columbia University (10)

University of Pennsylvania (9)

Wesleyan University (9)

Duke University (6)

Oberlin College (6)

Yale University (6)

Dartmouth College (5)

Amherst College (4)

Barnard College (4)

Brown University (4)

Colgate University (4)

Stanford University (4)

Trinity College (4)

Tufts University (4)

University of Chicago (4)

Washington University (4)

Bowdoin College (3)

Bucknell University (3)

Emory University (3)

George Washington University (3)

Georgetown University (3)

Johns Hopkins University (3)

Lehigh University (3)

Middlebury College (3)

Pomona College (3)

Vassar College (3)

Bates College (2)

Boston University (2)

Connecticut College (2)

Franklin & Marshall College (2)

Macalester College (2)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2)

McGill University (2)

Northwestern University (2)

Spelman College (2)

Syracuse University (2)

Trinity (Dublin) (2)

Tulane University (2)

University of Virginia (2)

Vanderbilt University (2)

Wellesley College (2)

Williams College (2)

Boston College (1)

Carleton College (1)

Colorado College (1)

Fordham University (1)

Hamilton College (1)

Hunter College Honors (1)

Kenyon College (1)

Northeastern University (1)

Reed College (1)

Rhode Island School of Design (1)

Rollins College (1)

Skidmore College (1)

St. Andrews University (Scotland) (1)

Swarthmore College (1)

University of Michigan (1)

University of Rochester (1)

University of Southern California (1)

University of Wisconsin (1)

Washington and Lee University (1)

Development Staff Directory

Carolyn Chaliff

Director of Development


Thomas Appleton

Web Site Communications Assistant


Kerry M. Donohue

Director of Alumnae Relations


Gardenia Ferrond

Database Manager


Richard Hutzler

Director of the Annual Fund


Cillonia McKenley

Assistant Director of Communications


Adelaide Mueller

Development Associate


Christine Priante

Alumnae Relations Associate


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