Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How easy is it to remove your photos from a press website?

Its much easier than you think. If you see a photo you don't like of yourself, record the image number and call or email with your request to remove the photo. You must supply proof that the photo is you.

WireImage's focus on entertainment photography - together with its promise to produce flattering pictures - ensured that it was the official photo agency for the Grammys, the Screen Actor's Guild and the Writer's Guild.

As part of its mission statement, WireImage promises to observe the "marketing and publicity interests of our corporate assignment clients" - or not to produce any pictures that aren't "nice", in the words of its chief executive, Jason Nevader.

So remember, its more important to get photographed, and have the assurance that if you don't like a photo, you can have it removed.

But watch out for photographers and press agencies with no rules.

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Anonymous said...

What about from IMDB? There are some horrid photos up there from Wireimage that IMDB will not let you remove. Thoughts?

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