Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gettiy Images will now pay you for User-created-mobile-cam pictures. Exclusive photos are more important than quality, and can make the front page.

In 2005, LG started promoting a 5 megapixel mobile-cam phone. With every year, the technology gets better, and the quality of the mobile-cam photos get better.

What are the best quality phones on the market now? If you know, write me.
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5-megapixel camera phone (LP5500)
The 5-megapixel handset, a super-slim handheld at just 18mm, adopts an innovative Twist & Slim design that features a real digital camera.
It incorporates an auto focus CCD camera and a 2-inch QVGA LCD screen - supporting VGA-level video at 30 fps (frame per second).
Strengthening this camera function is a strobe flash, half-shutter and lens cover.

Rob Tencer public relations have always told their clients to carry a mobile-cam phone and to have the highest quality yet discreet digital camera that they can take with them at all times. This is a necessary accessory to make you famous. Being able to take photos when no one else is around, or no one else will shoot, is the key. I have devoted a section to getting the right camera phone, and the rest to details of Getty Images new plans to buy your photo.

Paris Hilton used a stolen phone scam to circulate these mobile-cam photos for free.

She actually said someone hacked into her cell phone account and retrieved contact details and all her mobile-cam photos.

This helped her tremendously, as people thought they were getting a peek into Paris Hilton's private life. The peek was well thought out and the results were very successfull and a big boost to her career.

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Vida Guerra tried the same strategy of releasing mobile-cam photos to the public and claiming they were stolen. Her photos were very graphic, and revealed everything about Vida's beautiful body. This worked to her advantage, and she graced many magazine covers since.

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Vida Guerra makes the magazine cover's
It wasn't enough for Vida to get into the magazines, and the mobile-cam photos helped her get on the covers of many magazine. She really is a beautiful girl, but who would know it if she didn't release the mobile-cam photos?

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What does it mean when Getty Images starts paying regular citizens to be its new source for candid and exclusive photographs from your mobile-cam phone?

It means they recognize the power of being at the right place at the right time, and that one of their photographers won't always be there. Until, now that is.

They are seeking our “user created content”, and they will pay well for it and exclusively distribute it for us globally.

How will Getty Images who just acquired Wireimage, keep their editorial standards?

Will this start a turn to paparazzi for a quality press agency with very high standards for its content? What were the standards of Scoopt, before Getty purchased them.

In Getty’s press release they address this issue with “Both Getty Images and Scoopt encouraging contributors to be respectful and follow a code of ethics for image capture.”

“Being the first on the scene is valuable,” said McRae of Scoopt. ”It’s thousands of times more valuable than the quality.”

There are some people who think this will be successful because of the number of people with digital cameras these days, and there are others who think the quality of the photos will be so poor and the banality of the “news” events so great that the agency will quickly sink. I’m going to have to sit on the fence on this one, I think it’s about 50:50 and depends on a number of factors, including the skill of the agent.

Scoopt was started in 2005, mainly to collect and represent the sale of camera phone pictures from citizens, and was among the first such efforts in this nascent field. Since then others like Sypmedia and Cell Journalist and others have cropped up. German tabloid Bild is paying 500-1,000 euros for a picture taken with a camera phone that they use, and has already tussled with the lawyers of celebrities.

Also, the Scoopt team will continue to operate out of the site’s base in Glasgow, Scotland.

Here is more details of the acquisitionin a pres release:

Getty Images Acquires Scoopt With the Vision of Making Citizen Photojournalism More Accessible to the Mainstream Media
Amateur Photographers Who Find Themselves in the Right Place at the Right Time Will Soon Have Exposure to a Worldwide Audience
SEATTLE, March 12 / -- Getty Images, Inc. (NYSE: GYI) today announced its acquisition of Scoopt, an emerging source for user- generated editorial content. Scoopt is an aggregator and distributor of photographs and videos captured by eyewitnesses who have an accidental front row seat to headline-making moments.
In the coming months, news, sport and entertainment imagery from Scoopt that meets Getty Images' stringent editorial quality standards will be released exclusively at , where it will benefit from worldwide visibility and promotional support. Additionally, Getty Images will invest in technology upgrades and other enhancements to Scoopt in order to make the site more accessible to customers, and to better position it for future growth.
"New technology has made it easier to capture and distribute imagery, leading to citizen photojournalism that is increasingly relevant to the news cycle," said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images. "While this genre will never replace the award-winning photojournalism for which we're known, it's a highly complementary offering that enables us to meet the evolving imagery needs of a broad customer base."
Since the founding of Scoopt in 2005, the site has supplied the media with arresting imagery from major world events, including:
-- The tragic Manhattan plane crash that killed New York Yankees pitcher
Cory Lidle and his flight instructor in October 2006; digital images
captured by a bystander were emailed to Scoopt and appeared on the
front page of The Times of London
-- Fierce January 2006 storms in the U.K., which brought devastation and
disruption to large parts of the country

"User-generated content is serving a valuable role in today's communication landscape; safeguards to validate its authenticity are critical," said Hugh Pinney, director of Editorial Photography at Getty Images. "By implementing rigorous quality standards, we can deliver powerful imagery captured from a unique perspective while ensuring journalistic integrity."

Citizen photographers who submit imagery to Scoopt retain copyright while granting the agency a 12-month exclusive license that authorizes re-license to one or more publishers. Contributors will benefit from increased visibility and an extensive network of media contacts, earning a significant percentage of the value for each license issued. Both Getty Images and Scoopt encourage contributors to be respectful and follow a code of ethics for image capture. Submission guidelines and additional details about Scoopt's growing photographer community can be found at

Getty Images plans to fully integrate Scoopt into its organization, harnessing the team's knowledge of user-generated editorial content. "We're very much looking forward to taking our business to the next level by collaborating with the world's leading imagery provider," said Kyle MacRae, founder of Scoopt. "This acquisition will exponentially expand our customer base and establish a strong foundation for long-term growth."

The Scoopt team will continue to operate out of the site's base in Glasgow, Scotland, servicing customers under the leadership of Getty Images' Hugh Pinney. Existing relationships with Scoopt partners and affiliates will remain in place until further notice.

About Getty Images, Inc.
Getty Images is the world's leading creator and distributor of visual content and the first place creative professionals turn to discover, purchase and manage imagery. The company's award-winning photographers and imagery help customers create inspiring work which appears every day in the world's most influential newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, films, television programs, books and Web sites. Headquartered in Seattle, WA and serving customers in more than 100 countries, Getty Images believes in the power of imagery to drive positive change, educate, inform, and entertain. Visit Getty Images at
For more information, press only:
Deb Trevino, Getty Images, 206-925-6474,
Elise Chisholm, Edelman, 206-268-2270,
SOURCE: Getty Images, Inc.
CONTACT: Deb Trevino of Getty Images, +1-206-925-6474, or, or Elise Chisholm of Edelman, +1-206-268-2270, or, for Getty Images
Web site:

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