Tuesday, September 11, 2012

People who live in New York City don't feel higher gas prices like the rest of America

People who live in New York City don't feel higher gas prices like the rest of America, because most people who live in NYC don't own cars, trucks or any form of transportation requiring gasoline from the pump.
Perhaps new york democrats don't care because they don't drive?

How many New York democrats have ever paid for gas?

Even New York Taxi Drivers who have to pay for gas, blindly vote for Obama (If they can vote)

People who pay expensive gas prices should be sick and tired of Obama not doing anything to lower gas prices/

To rich to care about expensive gas prices in NY Socialites

Why has Obama not done anything to lower the price of Gas, and do the people of New York City care? Because New Yorkers are clueless to what is going on around the country, they continue to approve Obama and everything he does, even if it is wrong. Why hasn't the democrats and their leaders gotten on Obama to do something about it?

Is it because Obama sold out to the EPA and the green energy minority, and forgot about American's who depend on Gasoline? Obama has made us dependent on EXPENSIVE foreign oil, and the prices under Obama's watch, keep going up and up. Why is Obama punishing America with high Gas prices? Why is Obama allowing foreign imports dictate how much we should pay for gas?

Why is EXPENSIVE gas prices not an issue in the 2012 presidential elections? If it was an issue, than Obama would be forced to do something about lowering the prices or would lose the presidency.

New York democrats who live and work in NYC are out of touch with America, and blindly follow Obama who is doing nothing to help us lower the Gas prices.

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