Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gossip girl photography from Chicago of all places

private school girls of the Upper East Side

Private School Girls of the Upper East Side, or a photographer from Chicago's interpretation?

It all started about 3 years ago, when rob tencer created a blog for helping young people become famous (at no charge). A young photographer Stephanie Graham, saw the blog, wanted to become famous, and wrote rob an email asking for help. At some point, Stephanie became a professional photographer, and rob tencer checked out her portfolio and saw the school girl images. He immediately phoned Stephanie with his idea to promote her work.

For about 6 months, 10021 NY Socialites had featured the private school girl photography of Stephanie Graham. We had thought, by giving her above the fold, premium real estate on the 10021 New York Socialite blog, it would have brought much interest her way. Plus, we were giving her the valuable real estate at no charge. The plan was an astounding success, and we were happy to help.

Stephanie Graham, is a photographer from Chicago who did a photo shoot of private school girls, who in our eyes are very similar to the private school girls of Gossip Girl and the UES.

With imagination, it could be girls from any private school, getting in trouble and acting bad. It was the skill of Stephanie Graham to bring the school girl stories to life through her images.

Here are some other photos from the private school girl photo shoot, by Stephanie Graham.
private school girls of the upper east side (photo 1)

private school girls of the upper east side (photo 2)

private school girls of the upper east side (photo 3)

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