Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Reputation was not just a Rumor. See the proof in pictures.

Keeping the publics interest at all costs?

After you've become famous, its time to keep the publics interest in you. What you do depends on who you are, what your age is, where you live and if your a star because of music, TV, Movies, YouTube, Sports, Etc... What kind of reputation you pick up is worth it, if you can become or maintain the most popular and talked about public image for another year or for the rest of their lives. However, if you die in your youth or in your prime, was it worth it? Maybe you should learn a lesson from "Driving miss Daisy" and hire a driver who is hopefully your sober comapnion.

About The author: Rob Tencer is a Celebrity / Socialite Publicist who happens to be a sober companion to his clients. In fact he is the eyes behind their head, and takes care of his clients. He is available for interviews and commentary of keeping celebrities alive, sober and out of trouble. Rob Tencer is available for TV interviews by sending email to ayepublicrelations@gmail.com or by direct call to 248-808-2270.

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Parental Supervision by a young superstar

In the case of Lindsay Lohan, she is a child star from the movies, who tried to transition into music. She unlike Paris Hilton, is usually but not always with her mom. Lindsay is also much younger than Paris Hilton and was thought not to need as much parental supervision. Some circles say, Paris's mother was behind her rise to fame. Can that be said for Lindsay as well? How does a teen like Lindsay get to her first audition or rehearsals etc, without a parent? Lastly, is addiction to alcohol and drugs in the Jeans?

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Lindsay Lohans Drugged-out Photo shoot

I saw these photo's of Lindsay lying on a bed with no sheets in a cheap room, with magazine tear sheets thrown all over the bed, and knew she was high on something. She was wearing a pair of short denim jeans and her face and hair were made up professionally. Can you believe 1) that the magazine who did the shoot, allowed the shoot to take place? 2) If it was the only way to get Lindsay Lohan to do the shoot, can you believe what the magazines have to go through for a young diva?

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The famous club photo of Lindsay Lohan Snorting cocaine

Lindsay never denied that it was her snorting cocaine, rather she deflected the topic by saying she can't trust her friends. What does trusting friends have to do with being photographed snorting cocaine? For this photo and story alone, she should be banned (she is under 21 at the time) and locked up or supervised by a sober companion 24/7. Lindsay's mother Dina, has no control over her daughter, but could and should hire someone immediately to be with her all the time.

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Police Bust Lindsay Lohan for DUI, Find Possible Cocaine

The possible means, that it is possible that a great lawyer will make that part of the bust go-away. If I read this properly, she got out of the car after the crash to make it look like she was not the driver. Will a good lawyer be able to also make the DUI go away as if it never happened?

More details of the DUI
Witnesses said at 5:30 a.m., Lohan, 20, was driving down Hollywood's Sunset Bouelvard in her Mercedes convertible. She jumped a curb and flew into a set of trees. Right after the accident, she ran into a nearby house.

"I quickly got out of my car and said, 'Lindsay, are you ok?' And she didn't really respond, she was moving fast," said X17 photographer Perry Farinola.

Farinola then saw Lohan get into another car. He said she didn't appear to have been drinking.

"She looked good coming out of the club and the party that I saw her at," he said.

The police didn't agree. Their initial investigation led to charges.

"Officers tracked Miss Lohan to the local hospital where she ultimately was placed under arrest for ... driving under the influence," Lt. Mitch McCann of the Beverly Hills Police Department said Saturday.

Lohan left the scene and ended up at an L.A. hospital, where police arrested her but did not take her into custody so her minor injuries could be treated. When police impounded her car, they searched it and found something else.

"It was a usable amount of illegal narcotics that was preliminarily identified as cocaine," McCann said.

The arrest is the latest chapter in Lohan's history of hard partying. Saturday's was the third car accident she's had in the last two years. The actress recently announced she checked into rehab for alcohol abuse in January, though paparazzi cameras have since caught her drinking.

The current case could transcend the tabloids: Police say Lohan could face additional charges. Her tentative arraignment date is Aug. 24.

Ronald Richards, a Beverly Hills attorney, believes Lohan could go the way of Paris Hilton -- to jail.

"It is a very serious misdemeanor on the panaloply of misdemeanors, and then you have the DUI," Richards told ABC News Radio. "She could be looking at a lot of classes and a lot of community service."

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