Saturday, July 7, 2007

How I Made $20,000 Wearing A Temporary Tattoo on YouTube

Angelina Jolie press opportunity

This is the real life story of how I made $20,000 having my client wear a henna tattoo across her chest and also why you should not deface your body with a permanent tattoo.

I have not mentioned the VIP Hostess by name, as she is no longer a paying client, and I am not trying to promote her in any way. I simply want to tell a true story of How I made $20,000 wearing a tattoo.

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It all started when a client of mine, Michael Politz, a very popular Las Vegas food, beverage, nite life and a local celebrity, called me up to refer a new client.

Michael, who is all knowing about everything in Las Vegas, had on his radar, that the TV show Extra and the magazine US weekly were following a story about a VIP Hostess that was close with Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

Kevin kept coming back to Las Vegas and meeting up with the VIP Hostess. Michael was friends with the girl, and she needed help with the press. She became the interest of the world press when she was seen sitting on Kevin’s lap at a private VIP table drinking with him, while another reporter posed as part of Kevin’s entourage, and followed them into a hotel room, where she saw them doing drugs and got in bed together with one of the Hostess’s girlfriends.

By this time, every major magazine, newspaper and gossip tabloid was covering the story, while the VIP hostess was being hounded by the press, invading her privacy. There was no recent photo of her, and everyone wanted to see what she looked like.

Michael Politz wanted to help the girl whom he was friends with, and called me about handling her publicity. I met with her and agreed on a fee for my work. I wanted to know what she wanted to accomplish from my work, and she said she had wanted to make some money, as her story was so hot and selling so many publications.

I dreamed up an idea that turned out to be very lucrative for her, and accomplished her immediate goal of making some money. I arranged for her to receive $10,000 for an exclusive national enquirer story, that called for her to be hooked up to a lie detector.

My best work though was coming up with the idea for her to walk a red carpet with a henna tattoo advertising the online site golden palace. It would be an opportunity for the press to finally get a recent photo of the Hostess, and at the same time advertise the web site. I brokered the deal within 24 hours of signing her, and the company wired the money. Thats how I made $20,000.

The red carpet was at Ceasers palace nite club Pure in Las Vegas, and was for the grand opening of their Pussycat Lounge cabaret with special guest Eva Longoria.

Golden Palace also requested photos of the tattoo’s being applied to the VIP hostess.

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Argument 1
Tatoo’s show a lack of class or a lack of good judgement in my opinion, and like clothing, you get sick of it and want a change. However unlike clothing which you can discard, the tattoo stay around forever.

After Vin Diesel’s movie xxx, leading men tattoo’s were in style.

Jamie Fox shaved his head for a tattoo.
"You might have noticed something on the back of the star's head as he made the rounds from one Hollywood awards victory to the next lately. Foxx has been wearing a temporary tattoo, an abstract design sported by his character in the upcoming war film, "Jarhead."

After many people went out to the parlors to have similar tattoo’s made on their bodies, it turned out though, that these leading men had temporary tattoo’s. But the seed had been planted, and people could not get them removed. When Vin decided not to do a sequel, he never wore them again.

Because tattoos are a major part of the extreme-sports culture, the movie's backdrop, they had to appear authentic as well as distinctive enough to adorn a daredevil athlete such as Diesel's Xander Cage.

The actor, director Rob Cohen, tattoo designer Adrien Gallegos and Tinsley collaborated on the tough-guy trimmings. "Rob went after a sexy, appealing feeling with color. Vin was into the images and wording," Tinsley says. The resulting collage:

* On the back of his neck, three X's.
* On the small of his back, two guns crossed to form an X.
* On his left arm, a tribal band on his bicep, a bull charging out of flames and clouds.

* On his right arm, the words "dis" and "order" by his wrist, two eagle wings going up his arm, three stars on his elbow, a bull on his bicep, the word "chaos," wrapped in blue filler, on his forearm.
* On his right shoulder, a star with an eye in the middle.
* On his stomach, the word "Melkor," the name of Diesel's real-life Dungeons & Dragons character.
* On his bellybutton, a chaos symbol topped by flames.
* Around his right nipple, a star.

Argument 2
I want a lasting memory of a moment in my life, to see and remember forever. You have the rest of your life to have better and more vivid times. Does that mean you have to cover your whole body? Do you see your stupid logic?

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Argument 3

Peer pressure
All my friends got tattoo’s and they are so hot. Does that mean if they all shave their heads like Britney Spears or all smoke cigarettes or they all do drugs, that you have to follow them?

Please be strong and be yourself, not someone else. Have strength to say NO.

Argument 4

My kids were born or someone died that I want to remember as a tattoo. So now you want to be like Anna Nicole Smith and tattoo your back and chest. Find another way to remember them, that won’t deface you.
Please be strong and be yourself, not someone else. Have strength to say NO.

Britney Spears was having a nervous breakdown over the press of Kevin and the VIP Hostess, and she called me, and tried to buy out my contract with the hostess. She begged me to stop the press I was doing for the Hostess. Before her negotiation with me, something happened.

It turned out that the VIP hostess’s massive drug addiction made her very paranoid, and she went into a drug induced seclusion, didn’t answer my phone calls and that was the last that I ever heard from her again.

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

Nice pics! And a very interesting read too!

By the way, I have added you in my grid - all your blogs - and faved all of them too at Technorati! :)

Anonymous said...

you're an over-opinionated fuck. who cares if other people get tattoos. none of your business, asshat

Anonymous said...

so what you're trying to say is that people who have tattoos are following others??? I have a tattoo and I did it because I like it not because of others. I can say the same thing about people who write stuff like this because other people have, so that makes you a follower. Next time give advice don't judge.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, you rule. fuck this whole blog. the author is very close-minded and it shows. They look idiotic and unclassy with all those dumbass remarks. Fucking fool.

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