Saturday, June 6, 2015

Do New Yorkers remember when....

Hey New York Socialites, Do you remember when the top of the blog was an incredulous photo designed to make you laugh, and to make you think? I think it was put together to make it a no papparazzi zone, without photographers and a bit uppity and exclusive.

The stories might not have been the most private unmentionables, but thats how the author felt when making the blog. When he writes, it must be an enjoyable experience or a bad mood and somebody;s gotta pay for it attitude. The new articles will be similar in content and self centered around the socialites in 10021 NYC.

Well the photo is no longer greeting any guests to the 10021 NY Socialites blog, and should disappear when more articles push it down. Although we have stored it here for safe keeping. (Does anyone know what happens when they clicked on the photo?) It took you directly to more information about the author and his TV appearances.

10021 NY Socialites

We have gone through much together, and I hope you continue reading this blog about the socialites of 10021.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

People who live in New York City don't feel higher gas prices like the rest of America

People who live in New York City don't feel higher gas prices like the rest of America, because most people who live in NYC don't own cars, trucks or any form of transportation requiring gasoline from the pump.
Perhaps new york democrats don't care because they don't drive?

How many New York democrats have ever paid for gas?

Even New York Taxi Drivers who have to pay for gas, blindly vote for Obama (If they can vote)

People who pay expensive gas prices should be sick and tired of Obama not doing anything to lower gas prices/

To rich to care about expensive gas prices in NY Socialites

Why has Obama not done anything to lower the price of Gas, and do the people of New York City care? Because New Yorkers are clueless to what is going on around the country, they continue to approve Obama and everything he does, even if it is wrong. Why hasn't the democrats and their leaders gotten on Obama to do something about it?

Is it because Obama sold out to the EPA and the green energy minority, and forgot about American's who depend on Gasoline? Obama has made us dependent on EXPENSIVE foreign oil, and the prices under Obama's watch, keep going up and up. Why is Obama punishing America with high Gas prices? Why is Obama allowing foreign imports dictate how much we should pay for gas?

Why is EXPENSIVE gas prices not an issue in the 2012 presidential elections? If it was an issue, than Obama would be forced to do something about lowering the prices or would lose the presidency.

New York democrats who live and work in NYC are out of touch with America, and blindly follow Obama who is doing nothing to help us lower the Gas prices.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do New York Jews have any connection to Israel?

I asked if NY Jews have any connection to Israel, because you seemed to be blinded by democrat politics and anti-israel and anti-arab rhetoric, and anti-war rehetoric without knowing the truth. This blindness disturbs me. Before Saddam Hussein was overtaken by the USA and other countries, he perpetrated terrible atrocities that people discount or did not care to know. Do New York Jews even know what is really going on in the middle east?

 1. He paid the terrorist suicide bombers families as a reward for committing terrorist activities on Israel.
 2. He pointed missiles (SCUD) toward Israel and sent bombs to terrorize non-military targets.
 3. He threatened an imminent invasion of Israel to kill the Jews of Israel.
 4. He threatened to (within the Scud missiles) to send biological warfare in the heads of the missiles to poison the Jews and kill them all.

I was living in San Diego / La Jolla when the Israeli Gymnastic team visited the Jewish Community Center in the early 89-90's. I decided right then to devote myself to helping the Israeli Olympic Athletes, and that I would travel to Israel for my first time and volunteer at the Olympic training facility aka wingate institute.

I became close with Israeli olympic athletes in track and field, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, weight lifting, and decided to extend my original trip for several extra months.

I could not sit still thinking about the fear that Israeli citizens were living in, fearing for their life. A life of carrying around gas masks to protect themselves from chemical and other biological weapons of mass destruction. Also a fear of invasion by Saddam Hussein's army. An Army that already invaded Kuwait, and stole their oil wells and all other wealth of the country. The plan to invade israel was all about annihilation of the Jewish people. All of you stupid New Yorkers that bought into the politics of the democratic party, and that Bush was wrong to invade Iraq, are all ignorant of the fear and danger that Hussein was causing on Israel. You idiots continue to blindly follow the democratic party, even after seeing how poorly Obama treats Israel, who is only trying to protect themselves. You stupid New Yorkers also don't care that even after Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians, that they continue to shoot missiles every day into Israel from Gaza. they continue to terrorize non-military targets. In 1994, I returned to Israel with the intention of making aliyah. I lived in Israel for 7 more years, marrying and starting a family there. It was very hard for me to every day witness another terrorist attack. Increased bus bombings, and many other disruptions. How can you New Yorkers think that it was not important to remove Hussein from office, and send troops into Iraq? How can you also think it is not important to keep troops in the middle east? It is not just Jews that the Muslims are targeting for death, but Christians, Catholics and all other religions that are not Muslim. While their first priority is to wipe out Israel, they would then be free to come after you. Why don't you take the Iran leaders words seriously, when he tells you what he plans on doing to Israel? Show some support in Israel, and wake up from your robotic followings of the democratic party, no matter how badly they treat Israel. I feel a bit better releasing this.

I was inspired to write this by Bud Greenspan's documentary on the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre, that I watched on my local public TV station.

Monday, September 3, 2012

NYC Copper on BBC America is like Dirty Harry

I watched the first 2 episodes of the new BBC America series Copper, about a NYC copper dealing with NY Socialites in the 1800's. The first thought I had is how to shock the viewers by the subjects they cover. The second thought was how politically incorrect they are, yet they go to great lengths to have a very educated Black man, who is their medical doctor / coroner / forensic specialist.

Slavery, and freeing slaves, yet scared of blacks is a topic a socialite discusses, as well as women not having the right to vote. The importance of this dialog is to demonstrate and berate America's history, by this British production.

The main character is kind of an old school Clint Eastwood style cop and perhaps a little charles bronson and Chuck Norris  and Steven Segal thrown in, and maybe serpico as well as eliott ness. With the help of 2 other partners who can be trusted, and the black doctor, they solve crimes, kill bad guys, and try to arrest guilty people. They are also into revenge, and have a very violent streak with a great deal of action, worthy of any of those american leading men I mentioned above. I may have added Arnold, but due to his corrupt infidelity issues, I will not give him the satisfaction of being part of the other action hero's.

What you have is a NYC police man who cannot be bribed, knows right from wrong, and not afraid to violently seek justice.

Besides the self hating America writers who have to belittle American History, and New York's finest, and piss me off for  making us look bad, I have to say I was sucked into the story line, of a little homeless girl sold into sex slavery, and a good copper who comes to her rescue, NY Socialites getting away with murder, and buying their way out of hanging for their crimes. So many parallels with modern NY, yet so much fantasy.

While I understand how important it is to have an African American on a TV show, making him the most intelligent person in all of New York, makes this a very unrealistic show, not because African American Men and women cannot be intelligent, but because it is not very plausible in the 1800's that they could have even gone to college to be taught.

Why does every British show about police and detectives, have to make so many sherlock holmes references?

from the mini documentary it seems that this was an American production that was either green lighted or sold to the BBC? It seems like the American writers are restabling or just reminding of a obama style class war, unfortunate for them, not many americans watch the BBC and the ones who do, are to intelligent not to see through their rewriting and retelling of American history. I wonder what kind of hatred that have in store for us ne t? Its like a mimichael moore propaganda movie disguised as a clint eastwood violence western.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

new york residents second home is magic city

Many new york residents think of magic city as their second home. But the familiarization  does not end there, as the lead jeffrey dean morgan reminds us all of thick new york accented brad garett.

 Brad Garett or Jeffrey dean morgan?
 Jeffrey dean morgan?
 Brad Garett?

 Brad or Jeffrey?

Growing up in the midwest and having grandparents in miami beach, I found myself in the magic city often. My entire families life seemed to center in miami beach most of my childhood. I imagine that many new yorkers also made the trip to florida, because I seemed to always meet them and canadians in miami beach, and they always seemed to be visiting their grandparents as well.

As I watch magic city, it has much to remind me of my visits to hotels like deaville, eden rock, fountainbleau and even the underground pool bar reminds me of the ft. lauderdale hotel pool bar on the 17th street causeway. As the opening girls swimming around a pool in magic city, and then we see a girl swimming past wolfies, it reminds me of my trips to rascal house, pumpernickel and wolfies.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, new york deli's are very much a part of the jewish life, even when they are located outside of new york and in miami beach.

Magic city is probably the best TV show I have seen in several years. (or since the playboy club was cancelled) While the playboy club was also similar to magic city, in that it had mob undertones, because it is not on abc, nbc, cbs or fox and is on a smaller cable channel starz, it has a much better chance to survive.

How would you describe magic city to a friend who never saw an episode?

Since many people did not see the playboy club before it was quickly cancelled, we must compare it to mad men, because of the era and the clothing. The latin flavor of cuba, also gives magic city more layers, and african american's are also represented and remind us all of our racist american history.

Perhaps the strongest character on the show is "the butcher" or a mob element, that is very graphic in the way he kills people and animals. The back history on the butcher is that he killed his first 2 wives, and the newest one, who reminds me of the beautiful rebecca grant, is on her way to being the third wife of the butcher murdered.

While this kind of show could not be shown on regular TV, do to nudity, viloence, and that the main characters portray Jews. Regular TV would need the show to remove the Jewish themes. While the violence, nudity and language could be edited, it would become a different show all together.

Not certain how many jewish new yorkers experienced passover at a miami beach hotel, maybe because you were not keeping kosher for passover, but every time I see the lobby of the hotel in magic city, it brings back memories as if I was there again.

If you are from new york and spent much of your life visiting miami beach, let me know, by emailing me or commenting here.

Miami Beach, New Year's Eve, 1958-1959. Castro's rebels seize Havana, while the Kennedys, the mob and the CIA all hold court at the luxurious Miramar Playa Hotel. This is Ike Evans' (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) place, and he used mob boss Ben "The Butcher" Diamond to finance it. With diving clowns by day, and escorts at night, nothing's what it seems in Magic City. Premieres April 2012 on STARZ.

magic city pool bar

Full Name: Olga Kostyantynivna Kurylenko
Birth Date: November 14, 1979
Birth Place: Berdyansk, Ukraine
Ethnicity: Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)

Jeffrey dean morgan and brad garett look very much alike, don't you think?

magic city is my favorite TV show

Monday, May 21, 2012

New York Deli takeover by boar's head brand

New York Deli takeover by boar's head brand is not limited to NYC territory.

Jewish American's all over the country, have an ethnic food that will always be associated with new york deli food. While a bagel and lox sandwich with cream cheese, is also associated with Jewish American's and the NY Deli, this article is more about Meat than fish. With the NY Deli industry under attack, and the costs involved with keeping the deli open, the deli owners have turned to cost cutting measures to keeping the doors open. NYC at one time had over 1,000 kosher deli's. (some sources say there used to be over 4000) Now there are about two dozen or less.

While New Yorker's who write about the disappearance of their beloved deli's, they don't realize that the deli is not dead, and the issue is a takeover of much more than New York City.

Enter Boar's head brands, and the American takeover over the deli industry, not only in New York City, but the entire country. The most interesting part of the Boar's head takeover of American deli's, is that they did it while branding everything with a pig's head.

What you have here is a pig head logo, on the deli outside sign, then another pig head logo on the deli counter and another pig head logo on the cheese counter.

What this means to a non jew is brand recognition, but what this means to a jew is that you are breaking traditional kosher dietary laws, and you are not only mixing meat and milk, in violation of jewish dieatary laws, and that pork is served in this deli, and cut on the same deli slicing machine as turkey, chicken and what not, but the biggest thing that all this boar's head branding is to put jew's on notice, that you are being warned of your wrong doing, every time you eat at a non-kosher deli.

New York deli food is ethnic because at one time it was all kosher, and the customers were all jewish. Over time, many american  Jews slowly became less strict about their observance of jewish dietary laws, and jewish deli owners wanted to gain a larger audience. Maybe, these deli owners first decided they needed to be open on friday and saturday, so then came opening on shabbat, then came cheeses in the deli. Cheese was foreign to the deli of New York, because new york deli food was associated with MEAT. (Separating meats and cheeses is a jewish kosher dietary law, and also a rule for kosher restaurants.)

What foods were once found in a kosher deli?
Brisket, pastrami, kugel, matzo balls, beef tongue, liver, egg salad and gefilte fish, can be found there. As well as hoagies and hot sandwiches to order, without cheese, which under kosher law cannot be served with meat. This also means that coffee with non-dairy cream will be served.

Boar’s Head Placards: Placards bearing an unauthorized OU symbol and the Boar’s Head logo have been distributed to delis. These placards are not an indication of the Kosher status of their corresponding products. Corrective action is being taken. Consumers spotting these placards are requested to contact the Orthodox Union at 212-613-8241 or via email at

Jews might have been tricked by "jewish style" or "kosher style" signs that seemed to make eating non-kosher ok. This trickery does not last long, but the damage is done.

Another disgusting aspect of the boar's head brand takeover is the product kosher dill pickles. Why would someone buy a kosher pickle with a pig head logo on the container? Its revolting and quite disgusting that someone could get away with doing it. I realize that the process involves kosher salt, and not kosher laws, but it is still disgusting and tasteless on their part.

I am thouroughly disgusted, and why I choose kosher new york deli's over a pig's head brand called boar's head.

 “People, when they go to a deli, they want to eat, they want to enjoy themselves.”

Before I rant on, let me just say this: There is one deli brand responsible for making jews realise that they are not eating within the jewish dieatary laws.

While some jews rationalise that as long as they don't eat pork, they are ok to eat cheese on their sandwitches.

The one brand responsible for taking the blinders off of jews who eat in new york deli's is the brand with the pig's head logo. Boar's head brands not only is big in deli meats, they are also equally as big in cheese's sold at the deli counter.

More about boar's head brand, and how their target is American's who have no connection with jewish traditons or dietary laws.

Boar's Head has been dedicated to quality, offering on the freshest, best-tasting meats and cheeses.  Boar's Head products are made the old-fashioned way, without fillers or artificial flavors.  Dozens of Boar's Head products are certified heart-healthy.

Boar's Head Brand meats and cheeses are upper tier deli selections.  They use whole muscle, while others use 3 to 4 parts of other muscles, and pack them together with fillers.

Boar's Head also has an entire line of lower-sodium products, that we slice here at Market Place.  You can find more nutritional information here, or pick up the Nutritional Guide at the Deli.
Custom Sliced

Boar's Head meats and cheeses contain no by-products, no cereals or fillers, and no artificial flavors or colors. They use pure beef, pork and poultry, and real spices. The ham is trimmed by hand the old-fashioned way, and their turkey and chicken is oven roasted, just the way you roast yours. Most importantly Boar's Head maintains unwavering standards of quality.

Some remaining New York Delicatassens (if you know of more, then let me know) Also, if you see the boar's head brand logo taking over your favorite deli, send me a photo.

Artie's Delicatessen: 2290 Broadway (83rd Street);
Carnegie Deli: 854 Seventh Avenue (at 55th Street);
Katz's: 205 East Houston Street (at Ludlow Street);
PJ Bernstein Deli & Restaurant: 1215 Third Avenue (70th/71st streets); 212-879-0914
Sarge's: 548 Third Avenue (36th/37th streets);
Stage Deli: 834 Seventh Avenue (53rd/54th streets);
Ben's Best: 96-40 Queens Boulevard (Rego Park, near 63rd Drive);
Queen's Deli: 12209 Liberty Avenue (Jamaica, at 122nd Street); 718-845-2626
The Bronx
Leibman's: 235th Street (Riverdale, between Johnson/Oxford streets); 718-548-4534
Adelman's Kosher Deli & Restaurant: 1906 Kings Highway (at East 19th Street); 718-336-4915
Mill Basin Kosher Delicatessen: 5823 Avenue T (Mill Basin, at East 58th Street);

Remaining Appetizing Stores

Barney Greengrass: 541 Amsterdam Avenue (at 86th Street);
Murray's Bagels: Sixth Avenue (12th/13th streets);
Russ & Daughters: 179 East Houston Street (Allen/Orchard streets);

Pastrami Sandwich From Ben's Kosher Deli

The pastrami was excellent and plentiful. This was a great sandwich.

Bens's Kosher Deli & Restaurant
209 W 38th St
New York


















BABY SWISS HA LO: Regular and low fat










There's a certificate on the wall at the deli's entrance that confirms it's been given the seal of approval by the Scranton Orthodox Rabbinate. Two local rabbis come in for regular inspections to make sure everything is, well, kosher.

Gentiles are only allowed behind the deli counter if Mr. Blatt or another observant Jew is present. Upon the deli's closing every night, a row of windows comes down and seals it off from the rest of the store, and no other store employee, including Mr. Riccardo, has access to it.

But for all my knowledge of Jewish delis, the roots of the foods served there remained a mystery to me. I'd learned that the word delicatessen derives from German and French and loosely translates as "delicious things to eat." And I knew that when they began appearing in New York and other North American cities in the 1870s, Jewish delicatessens were little more than bare-bones kosher butcher shops offering sausages and cured meats. But as the American Jewish experience evolved away from that of eastern Europe's, so did the Jewish delicatessen's menu. Its flavors assimilated, and it turned into an American sandwich shop with a greatest-hits collection of Yiddish home-style staples: chopped liver, knishes (see Recipe: Potato Knish), matzo ball soup.

Joe's Meat Market proudly serves Boar's Head Brand products.

Boar's Head products contain:
NO Artificial Colors
NO Artificial Flavors
NO Cereals
NO Fillers
NO Pork & Beef By Products

Premium Meats
Boar's Head     Deluxe Ham
Boar's Head     Tavern Ham

Boar's Head     Black Forest Ham

Boar's Head     Ham Capicolli

Boar's Head     Pastrami

Boar's Head     Olive Loaf

Boar's Head     Bologna

Boar's Head     Liverwurst

Boar's Head     OvenGold Turkey Breast

Boar's Head     Honey Maple Turkey

Boar's Head     Chicken Breast

Boar's Head     B.B.Q. Chicken

Boar's Head     Pepper Turkey

Boar's Head     Cajun Turkey
Premium Cheeses

Boar's Head     American Cheese
          (yellow or white)

Boar's Head     Provolone

Boar's Head     Muenster

Boar's Head     Mozzarella Slicing
Boar's Head     Giant Beef Franks

Boar's Head     Beef Franks

Boar's Head     Sauerkraut (1lb)

Boar's Head     Mustard

Boar's Head     Horse Radish

Boar's Head     BBQ Sauce

Boar's Head     Hot Sauce

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