Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How not to be a socialite actress like Paris Hilton. But why not?

There must be a balance between hiding your background as a socialite and using your family connections to get special auditions or introductions to directors and producers. On the opposite side to this dilemma of being taken serious as an actor is Paris Hilton. Not by hiding anything, but rather flaunting wealth and the family name, and being completely open about everything (i.e. sex life in detail), Paris took things to another level. Yes its true she did it without class or lady like manners and devoid of etiquette. However she did become wildly famous beyond the usual Vogue, Tattler, WWD, W, New York Observer and other social pages that most Socialites rank themselves. Its natural that socialites travel in the same circles, go to the same parties. Stay safe and stay boring. After you marry, do you go into oblivion only to pop up years later, in an editorial on how beautiful your house is?

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