Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lessons from watching the Gossip Girl

The lesson learned from watching Gossip Girl is building an audience or receiving fans through strong emotional connection. This is your bonding with people you never have to meet, but they feel a strong connection with you.

Not having enough time to completely reflect on watching "Gossip Girl" did "Dirty Sexy (old) Money" start. I don't have TIVO, because that would require a lot more time in front of the TV. (YouTube videos are addictive enough.) I would also prefer not to be chained to the notebook computer either, regardless of how portable it is. That just means the chains follow me.

We all like to be moved with emotions, and Gossip Girl tonight had me all choked up. By pulling on our heartstrings they build a fan base not only for the geography of the show, but for the strong emotional bonding that is created. We feel an attachment to the characters, that is much stronger than we ever felt for "Sex in the city" characters. This is only the third episode, yet we feel like we have watched much more.

Back to reality:
Unlike the made up world of adult actors playing teens, I deal in reality and building strong public persona's for my clients. Building a strong and unique character that people can feel they are connected with. People, who will never meet you in person, yet feel attached to, is what I strive to accomplish, and what I do best.

I am not your buddy,but I will always be there for you. I will never share drinking or drugs with you (or without you). I will be your sober companion, and help you, when you can't help yourself. Drinking and drugs does not build character, and sometimes is related to the company you keep. Are they really your friends, or your true enemies in life? Are they helping you with your dreams?

Did the lesser known characters really rub ice on her leg, like servants?

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