Friday, July 27, 2007

WWE / ECW / TNA Professional wrestling doctor was asked for pain killer prescriptions.

I could have saved Chris Benoit's life.

Not many people know this (until now) that Rob Tencer is also a professional wrestling doctor.

The secret request for pain killers:

Many professional wrestlers that are in most professional wrestling leagues have asked me for pain killer prescriptions. I have always answered them by refusing their requests.

Instead, I prefer a natural approach to pain killing by removing the cause of the pain. True, that the cause is the hits, falls, cuts, chairs, staplers, that a wrestler recieves by performing his or her profession. Secondly I recommend taking a break from the sport to recover. True, they are under contract to be on the road all year. Third, I recommend altering moves, falls, and taking less of a hit.

I have photos that I will post in the future.

Most people know, through my blogs and websites that I am a - Sober Companion - Who lives life without drugs, alcohol or drama. They did'nt know that I am also a Licensed Health Care Professional. You Know Now!

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